ATTENTION WORKPLACE DISPUTE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTS: Web site makes getting answers and finding information on human resources topics easier

Web site makes finding information on human resources topics easierA couple of weeks ago I recommended George’s Employment Blawg as a valuable resource for workplace ADR specialists. Not that I want to embarrass George (who, by the way, is not just a great blogger but is also a really nice guy), but I do want to call attention once again to George’s blog. Here’s why.

George has an uncanny facility for sniffing out useful web sites. As he reported recently on his blog, George hit paydirt when he discovered HRGopher, a human resources directory listing over 50,000 web sites covering employment and HR issues. Its topics include (dispute resolution practitioners, take note) Arbitration, Mediation & Conflict Management, Diversity in the Workplace, and Labor Relations & Employee Assistance, just to name a few. (Nice work, George–and thanks for sharing your discovery with the rest of us.)

HRGopher should be a valuable resource for anyone who deals with workplace issues, as so many dispute resolution professionals do. (And don’t forget to pay George’s blog a visit.)

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