Web site provides co-parenting information to assist parents through the mediation processOver the weekend Wisconsin’s Beloit Daily News reported that Rock County Mediation and Family Court Services in Janesville, Wisconsin, has launched a web site for parents. The web site is designed to help parents who live apart through separation, divorce, or other reasons to work together as co-parents and take full advantage of mediation services available in the County.

There is plenty of useful information and materials available here on this web site for parents and for family mediators, even for those who are not residents of Rock County or Wisconsin. Links include:

The Mediation Process, providing information which demystifies the mediation process for parents.

Positive Co-Parenting, with downloadable materials in PDF format on topics ranging from “How Parents Can Cooperate,” “Fair Arguing Rules”, and “Designing a Parenting Plan”.

Suggested Reading, with book recommendations for adults, children, and stepfamilies.

There’s even a sample memorandum of agreement for parenting so parents can get a sense of what a co-parenting agreement might look like and provide ideas for developing their own.

As anyone knows who has had to transact business of any kind with state or county agencies, such offices are typically open weekdays only during normal business hours. However, this web site ensures that support and information remains available 24/7 to parents and children. This online resource could certainly serve as a useful model for any community or county-run mediation program in the process of designing its own family-friendly web site.

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