Employment blawg a valuable resource for ADR workplace practitionersLast week I posted about the explosion in popularity of law blogs, more commonly known as “blawgs”, and passed along links to some top-quality blawgs and blawg resources for readers.

This morning I happily discovered another blawg which I am pleased to recommend. ADR practitioners who specialize in workplace disputes should check out George’s Employment Blawg, which offers news, commentary, and analysis of labor, employment, and human resources issues. The “George” named in this blog’s title is George Lenard, a labor and employment attorney from St. Louis, Missouri.

George’s Employment Blawg offers well-written and informative posts analyzing workplace-related trends and developments, which typically include links worth following up on. Spend time as well checking out the intriguing list of blogs that populate George’s blogroll, helpfully broken down by categories ranging from “Blogs, Employment Law” to “Blogs, Labor Law & Unions” to “News, Labor/Employment/HR”, with plenty of other worthwhile stuff in between. George’s Employment Blawg is definitely one-stop-shopping for anyone interested in keeping current on labor and workplace issues.

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