Web sites for job seekers and entrepreneurs in the ADR fieldRecently a number of law bloggers, including one of my personal favorites, the Law Tech Guru Blog, have reported on the results of a survey of attorneys which revealed that more than half of survey respondents would choose mediation or ADR as the career they would be most likely to consider if they left their current jobs.

Attorneys are not the only ones who look at the conflict resolution field as an appealing career alternative. I hear from folks from all kinds of professional backgrounds who are interested in becoming mediators and who seek advice on how to transition into this line of work.

The first step of course is choosing a quality mediation training program. That’s the easy part.

The next step is finding work. (That takes a tad more perseverance and ingenuity.)

For some people, establishing a career in ADR means incorporating mediation into an existing practice, offering it as an additional service to clients. For some it may mean leaving a current position for an ADR-related job in a corporation, non-profit, or institution. And for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, it may mean taking the bold step of establishing a business.

A number of web sites can help job seekers track down ADR-related employment opportunities. And there’s a brand-new blog specially designed for the entrepreneur.

First, the web sites for job hunters:

The web site for the Northern Virginia Mediation Service offers some great tips and links to anyone looking for a career in the conflict resolution field.

So does the web site for the Ohio State University Moritz Law Library—be sure to scroll down to the section entitled Selected Web Sites with ADR Job Postings.

For jobs in the nonprofit sector, please visit Idealist.org, an organization featured earlier on this blog, which seeks to match nonprofit organizations with employees, interns, and volunteers with similar interests.

Finally, don’t miss checking out a great new search engine, Clusty.com, which includes a special tab for job-related searches, providing “clustering of over 500 websites and job boards, the top 200 newspapers, hundreds of associations, and company career pages.” Just enter search terms such as “mediation” or “conflict resolution” to generate results for the field of work you’re interested in. (Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Campus-ADR Tech Blog, for posting about this.)

Okay, now for the web log specifically designed for ADR entrepreneurs. The brainchild of my friend, colleague, and entrepreneur-extraordinaire Dina Beach Lynch, Mediation Mensch will offer advice, resources, and encouragement to ADR entrepreneurs and provide an interactive forum to share inspiration and ideas.

Dina is the founder and CEO of Kisima Enterprises, Inc., a widely published online author, and the creator of WorkWellTogether.com, a website which offers coaching and other resources for managers and human resources professionals seeking to address workplace conflict.

Dina, who has been recognized for her pioneering work and contributions to the field by a leading association for dispute resolution professionals, is known for launching projects which exemplify creativity and innovation. Mediation Mensch, which was launched just days ago, should be no exception.

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