KNOWING YOUR LIMITS: Guidelines for personal blogs for bosses and employees

Creating guidelines for employee bloggingBack in February, I discussed here on this blog the phenomenon known as “doocing”, or firing an employee because of something they posted on their personal blog—an issue that ADR practitioners specializing in workplace issues are undoubtedly becoming increasingly familiar with.

Two articles appeared on the Internet this week that are relevant to the issue of employee blogging. The first, 3 Questions: The Pluses and Pitfalls of Corporate Blog Policies, is aimed at corporate executives. It features thoughts and recommendations from a labor and employment attorney regarding the benefits and downsides of creating a corporate policy regarding employee blogs. (To see an example of a clearly articulated corporate policy on personal web sites and blogs, check out this one from Groove Networks.)

The second, How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else), comes from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and is targeted towards employees (as well as others) who wish to blog without fear of jeopardizing their jobs or of legal repercussions.

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