I’m Diane Levin, a mediator, trainer and attorney who’s been in the dispute resolution field for 10 years. I’m founder and co-principal of Partnering Solutions, LLC, which provides a full range of dispute resolution services to individuals, organizations, families and others seeking creative solutions to life and business challenges.

The integrity of the profession is important to many of us in the field, so among my goals is the promotion of best practices to encourage consumer confidence in the dispute resolution field.

As a practitioner, I get lots of phone calls from two main categories of information-seekers: people who are looking for a mediator on the one hand; and people who are interested in exploring training and careers in mediation on the other. I try to help both those kinds of people get the information they need to make informed choices.

This blog was created to provide people with information about the mediation field on such topics as:

For people looking for a mediator:

a Deciding whether mediation is the right process for your dispute.

a How to choose a mediator.

For people interested in a career in mediation:

a What do I need to know about the field and job opportunities?

a What kind of training should I have and where can I get training?

a What should I look for in a mediation training program?

a What happens when a mediation training is over? Where do I go from here?

a What can I do to build my skills and become an effective practitioner?

For mediation practitioners and trainers:

a Information about the field, including ethical issues, practice standards, and best practices.

a Online resources, including web sites and blogs.

a News about the mediation field–its uses, its applications, its successes, its future.

If there are topics you’d like to see covered, or have feedback to offer, you’re welcome to send it along to: mediationblog@verizon.net.

Thank you for visiting!

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